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corvi: (crow, papercut)

corvi's Journal

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Created on 2009-05-01 19:25:51 (#184229), last updated 2017-10-16 (6 days ago)

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I post only intermittently, but read consistently.

I have two tumblrs with feeds you can follow here. They post frequently but shallowly (in proper tumblr style!) I don't get DW comment notifications on them, but should I ever receive a comment, I hope I will notice and answer. :)

[syndicated profile] lazyevaluationranch_feed is a chore blog that keeps track of vaccinations, hoof trimmings, harvest times, etc, for our small hobby farm, Lazy Evaluation Ranch. If nothing happened that day, I make something up. :) Not particularly exciting, but our dairy goats are rather photogenic. In theory: one post a day, in practice, long gaps and then three posts a day to catch up.

[syndicated profile] ninewhitebanners_feed posts images with short English-language news stories about Mongolia, mostly relating to culture and natural history. 1-3 posts a day.

Interests (40):

alexandrite, aurora borealis, bioluminescence, cheesemaking, dairy goats, drawing, ferns, fireflies, fungi, glassblowing, goats, grafitti, homebrewing, indo-chinese food, information visualization, ink, lampwork, lichens, mongol bichig, mongolia, nepsis, olympic national park, ovoos, pareidolia, pretzels, processing, prussian blue, rain, reading, riddles, road trips, roger zelazny, scientific visualization, sichuan food, soup-nose the goat, tattoos, temperate rainforest, v.s. ramachandran, watercolor, writing
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