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 Today's Implausible Invertebrate is: a teeny moon-jelly. 

I have a brand new set of wax sticks, like completely transparent crayons. The idea is that you color over something with the transparent crayons and then that bit is waterproofed, so that when you put ink on it, the waterproofed bit stays the light original color and all around it turns the new color. I tried to draw a really elaborate multi-layered jellyfish with tattoos, but the ink got under the wax somehow and it all turned blue, so here is my teeny test jellyfish.

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My brain is apparently stuck in "implausible invertebrates" mode after the sowbug-with-teeny-forest, so I tried to doodle a moss piglet! With a lantern it definitely, as a creature without any eyes, needs.

This was a terrible idea! 

Wrinkly things are hard to draw, especially if they are so tiny all the picture of them you can see are microscope pictures where they are sort of squashed and lit all weirdly and you can't really tell how the wrinkles are curved or how light falls on them or what color they are.

No drugs were involved in the selection of the color scheme. As far as YOU know, anyway.

In addition to being kinda cute and IMPOSSIBLE TO DRAW APPARENTLY, moss piglets are crazy extremophiles, often found noodling around cutely on top of the himalayas or inside hot springs, looking for teeny plants to eat. They can survive boiling water and hard vacuum, and about a century without any teeny plants.

Moss piglet! Someday I will conquer your wrinkly contours!
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Inspired by [personal profile] spiralsheep's naarts, I doodled a sowbug with a teeny forest growing on it! Unfortunately, as [personal profile] juli  pointed out, I forgot to draw the roots of the trees, implying they are growing through the poor isopod's carapace, which is somewhat more gruesome than I had in mind. Oops. :)


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